When you’re out on the trail, it’s easy to worry about all the expensive and vital things on your person. After all, one wrong slip and you’re in the water, or down a cliff landing on your back. Suddenly the equipment in your bag is wet or can get broken, in the wild, you just can’t afford that.

So then, if even being careful and cunning can result in unintentionally damaged equipment, how do we prevent this? Quite simply, you prepare, friend! Instead of worrying the entire trip, be proactive with your preparations! If your equipment is built so that you need to be careful, then you need a bag that can help.

Recently Subtech released its 45L Pro Drybag, which is exactly the answer to your needs. This bag is 100% waterproof, and even floats above the water with a full grown adult on top. So if anything should happen on your next extreme adventure, you’ll be prepared for the water elements.

As an added bonus, this bag also inflates. What that means is that you can put air into the lining to help give an extra cushion to sensitive equipment. While is won’t help if the bag flies off the mountain, it CAN help if you slip and land on your back! Your laptop and camera is going to be in fine condition still.

When you’re hiking the elements, the last thing you need is busted equipment. With the Pro Drybag, that fear is taken out of the equation!

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