What if you didn’t need to whip out your phone every single time you needed to click a photo? What if you could just look at the subject you wanted to capture and the rest would be done by your sunglasses? With Snap’s latest model of Spectacles, you don’t need to think anymore.

A Photo Revolution

The very first Spectacles created a flutter among the technocrats and the general public. You no longer needed a phone or a camera to click a photo; all you needed was a pair of sunglasses. And the Spectacles did such a good job of it that the accessory soon became a must-have for the social media generation.

The new model recreates all that was right about previous iterations – easy to use, impressive photo lens- and has upgraded a few features. The focus of these upgrades have primarily been 3D.

The dual angle cameras on the sunglasses allow a side-to-side depth effect; 3D filters add Augmented Reality (AR) effects to captured video; and then you have 3D viewing with a stereoscopic viewer.

High Style Meets High Function

The new Spectacles have a lightweight frame that is suitable for wearing all day long. Two colour options are available – carbon and mineral. The charging case gives an instant charge  and can be folded flat for easy transport.

The Spectacles ($380) is the hot new trend for social media enthusiasts.