Jeans and tshirt never make a fashion statement…some so-called fashion experts will have you believe. What they do not realise is that the jeans-tshirt combo has come a long, long, way from its average Joe roots, and can rightly stake their claim as probably the coolest style accessories.

The reason being that even the biggest fashion labels, Gucci Prada et al, have adopted the two ubiquitous pieces of clothing and transformed them into high value fashion.

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How To Rock The Look

There isn’t a man we know who wouldn’t like to wear jeans and tee every single day of his life. And why not? They are no fuss, low maintenance, extremely comfortable, and stylish to boot. Here’s how you can rock the look:


Get the fit right. Too baggy or too tight and you will fall foul of the fashion police. The jeans and tee should form a silhouette around your frame.


To avoid looking like a rainbow, choose your colours carefully. Darker jeans always work better than the lighter options. The best advice is to pair a lighter coloured tee with dark denims.


The jacket is a crucial piece of the look that will not only complete the look but rocket up the style quotient as well. A plain bomber jacket can work wonders with the classic combo.