Leica is the best-known German camera maker, particularly famous for its high-end cameras and lens. Recently, news have surfaced indicating that the brand will soon be also focusing on creating hand watches. Just as its photography products, Leica will provide high-end watches: the Leica L1 and L2 will be the first units to come out of the new business.

Both timekeeping pieces will feature 41mm cases machined from stainless steel. Beneath the case, a hand-winding mechanism will be set. However, this won’t be your usual watch mechanism configuration. According to Leica, the crown is turned into a patented push-piece that sets the time. On the other hand, a completely separate pusher will be employed to set the date.

Besides, a power reserve indicator will be attached to both models – gradually closing blades will indicate the diminishing power supply. Closing blades, camera lens, anyone? Yeah, we thought so as well.

In contrast, the L2 will have an extra dual-time GMT function, compared to the L1. Both watches will feature the Leica logo as well as the „Made in Germany” inscription. All parts except for the glass crystal are made and assembled in Germany.

In regards of pricing, it appears that the cheaper Leica L1 will start at 10.000 EUR.