Time for (a) change

Most wallets boast designs that are perfect for storing numerous bank notes, cards and IDs. However, we’ve yet to see one that deals with coins. „But you don’t actually need coins, they’re just laying around”. Tell yourself that when you want to pay for your parking spot or get a snack from a vending machine that doesn’t take paper money. Convinced yet?

Because coins are bulky and heavy, a slim wallet doesn’t really cut it. However, Magic Pouch offers a smart solution to carry dimes around. It doesn’t use any kind of closing mechanism, yet it’s able to hold twenty coins and automatically stack them together to minimize occupied space.

The design of the wallet is what keeps the coins from falling out; when you insert the coins, they are automatically shifted to a side enclosure and stacked. Once you fold the pouch, coins are secured. Magic Pouch holds all common coin types and is also able to handle folded bills – euros, dollars, pounds.

The Ace in the sleeve is represented by the way you can carry Magic Pouch. Remember that small pocket attached to your jeans that you couldn’t quite figure out? This coin holder fits perfectly there, leaving a fully sized pocket at your disposal to store your phone and keys. Magic pouch comes in multiple designs inspired from around the world.



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