Hublot brand is known worldwide for its awesome timepieces. There is one thing the Swiss maker isn’t famous for: subtlety. Not once the public threw extreme thoughts over watch concepts resembling anything else but something you’d wear on your wrist. Such example is Hublot’s LaFerrari design which looks like a miniature Ferrari F1 engine. Other out-of-box pieces were presented, just search countless iterations on Google.

Some strange is happening with Hublot’s latest release. Instead of blowing a nonsense of lines and shapes, the Hublot Aerofusion Moonphase Titanium is focusing on details; lots of them. The watch was first released in a 45mm version. However, the commercial version is downsized to 42mm. The all-titanium case is strapped by a rubber and crocodile skin around the wrist.

An interesting fact is that you can’t quite call it a skeleton watch. While it does show some of its inner workings, it does it in a different manner. It doesn’t allow you to see straight through, Hublot Aerofusion only partially reveals itself.

Since we are discussing internals, here’s a breakthrough of the mechanical system of the watch. The HUB 1131 automatic triple calendar works perfectly and shows off a great view. However, the dials might seem a tad hard to read. In fact, just after a few glances, they’ll be easier than ever to spot, thanks to their pointy design.

The watch retails at $15,600. Find your closest dealer or store on Hublot website.

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