When you’re going underwater, a whole new world opens up. Diving for extended periods of time require efficient and fault-free equipment. The oxygen tank is the critical element of a diver’s equipment, and constantly monitoring gas levels is necessary for a danger-free experience.

Garmin Descent MK2i Smart Dive Watch brings on a powerful T1 Transmitter which feeds accurate oxygen tank data to the diver. Up to five T1 Transmitters can be synced with the watch through SubWave sonar data network. This will allow one diver to monitor tank pressure levels for other divers or additional tanks within a 10m radius.

In terms of physical performance analysis, the Garmin Descent MK2i doubles as a smartwatch with GPS and heart rate monitoring. It works for tracking multiple sports, including swimming, running and golf.

The Descent MK2i also provides smartphone integration, allowing the user to take on instant messaging notifications, calls and alerts. Contactless payments are included in the package.

Get it on Garmin for $1,499.