The extraordinary Pitti Uomo menswear trade fair, held every two years in Florence, Italy, is by far the most stunning.

A plethora of menswear exhibitors, buyers, journalists, influencers, and photographers attend the B2B event dressed in the finest custom costumes, strutting and posing on the Vitti wall (inside the historic Fortezza da Basso). In the just-finished edition.

Pitti peacocks appeared in a delectable assortment of beautiful summer suits, covetable accessories, drool-worthy jewelry, handsome headgear, and custom shoes.

The hot summer edition has a clash of prints, patterns, scarves, and sneakers in contrast to the winter edition, which is often characterized by push-on textured layering and a fairly muted color palette.

The street style exudes the spirit of sprezzatura, from hipsters flaunting their cool tattoos to dandies wearing their scarves with a calculated nonchalance (studied carelessness).

The Pitti men know better than anybody else that in order to bend the sartorial norms, you must first master them. It’s impossible to help but be mesmerized by the rings, necklaces, bracelets, baseball, and bowler hats worn by the people in the street-style photos flooding in from Florence. What is it about Pitti fashion that embodies sartorial coolness?

He has also mentioned more classy looks or even laid-back looks that men often wear.  For example, Ignore the tie, and combine them with a respectable jacket, a pressed Oxford, or even a fresh T-shirt, along with a nice pair of shoes that are, believe it or not, making a comeback. There is a lot to be said for a pair of closed-toe shoes, even if I personally nearly exclusively wear loafers.

If you want to really depart from personal custom, take inspiration from one of the greatest shows I’ve seen in years and wear Issey Miyake head to toe. You should feel comfortable and well-dressed for practically any occasion other than your wedding or day in court.