Bi-fold wallets are boring. That’s the general opinion when it comes to this design. These wallets have been around since… well, as long as we can remember. The Rever Brand promises to change our perspective by drawing in architecture-inspired design into a regular, bi-fold wallet.

First of all, RIN Bi-Fold wallet is no platitude. It comes with three kinds of leather and a design to generate envy. Chris Paragas (Founder) explains: 

RIN’s design is an infusion of traditional and quality materials

The wallet is RFID shielded and can accommodate up to 8 cards and more than 10 bills. With smart integrated slots in the leather, RIN Bi-Fold wallet is 80% slimmer than a regular wallet.

There is also a coin barrell carabiner, well integrated into the design. The carabiner lets you attach the barrell to the belt loop, your keychain or even backpack.

The RIN Bi-Fold Kickstarter campaign offers a range of rewards, starting with a $15 coin barrell carabiner and an early bird $47 Bi-Fold Wallet.