To be honest, when I think of oxfords, the line from Kingsmen comes to mind.

„Oxfords, not Brouges” – Galahad, Kingsmen.

But these gorgeous shoes speak class in and of themselves. These leather shoes from Johnson and Murphy are the next solid investment for the gentleman spy. With equal bearing at both work and the bar, these imported shoes are very solid to fit in anywhere you need them to. The synthetic sole is quite solid for keeping solid footing for a while, these shoes are built to last.

The Brown color sets up the versatility of the shoes to the highest level. With the height levels at approximately 1.25″ tall, they can easily add that tiny bit of height desired by those of shorter stature. The way they describe these shoes is as follows.

Much has changed since the 1850’s, but one thing has remained constant. Johnson and Murphy’s has stuck around! There are several pair online at this link, with widely ranging prices. Find the pair that matches your budget soon, before they’re all gone.