What is the best way men to wear a brown suit? Are you a little bit tired of your regular black, grey or navy suits you wear every day? A brown suit can elevate a man’s style to the next level, however many are not confident enough to choose one.

Even though they are not as popular as the classic navy and grey suits, brown suits have become a strong trend in the last few years. So you shouldn’t ignore it.

a brown suitThe shade is key for a brown suit for men

A brown suit can include darker shades, as well as lighter shades such as Camel or Beige. Brown respects the same colour theory, that darker shades are more suitable for fall and winter seasons, while lighter shades represent a better choice for summer months. 

There is something special about a brown suit for men. But what is it?

Brown is a rich, versatile color. It brings out and enriches other colors. Even though brown goes with any color, it tends to work particularly well with shades of blue and green.

man in brown suitKey tips for men to consider when wearing a brown suit

Many men avoid incorporating a brown suit into their outfit for formal events. Here are 5 tips for you to consider, so you can stand out from the crowd in a brown suit at that special event.

  1. The fit of a brown suit is crucial. Of course, the fit makes the difference for any type of suit, but the effect is even more pronounced with brown. 
  2. The shoes. A lighter brown suit for men goes well with a darker shade of brown shoes, while a darker brown suit requires an ever deeper shade of brown shoes. 
  3. Patterns and textures. Usually brown suits come with a greater range of patterns and textures than grey or navy suits. Embrace them, as they will only contribute to your dapper look. 
  4. As brown is such a versatile color, it can go with almost any shirt color: white, light pink, light blue, and even light green. 
  5. When it comes to accessories, don’t be afraid to bring in a colorful pocket square, or that woollen brown or grey tie.

Remember, a brown suit can set you apart from the other dapper men in your vicinity.

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