Wearing a tie or handkerchief is typically regarded as a foolish outfit option. Especially when you’re going for a more royal theme. Wearing such a piece of clothing is instantly considered silly and ill-advised. It is attempting to revive an outdated trend. The primary issue is that the only individuals aiming to resuscitate this style are typically people who are already a little stupid and push their ties to have the same grade. That same type of resurrection is all that is required to bring Ascot back to life. As an Ascot newcomer, you might wonder about How to Tie an Ascot.

As it is with many unique styles, Ascot’s origins may trace back to horse racing. The term references Royal Ascot, the English Kentucky Derby when competitors must dress professionally in the morning. The early ascots were silk bundles twisted twice and secured with a pin. Ascots originated from this and became a permissible tie style when a tie or bow tie was considered excessively formal. It was customary to wear them with a jacket, V-neck sweater, or vest to demonstrate that you dress casually. Hugh Hefner wore them with his tuxedo to know that his style was not haphazard or reckless but planned. Next, you must know how to tie an ascot?

How to Tie an Ascot

The Ascot is a style of neckwear that resembles a silk scarf and a tie. The Ascot emerged at the end of the nineteenth century in England. It is after the horse race „Royal Ascot,” an elite horse race in which men had to wear an ascot tie in conjunction with a tailcoat. How to tie an ascot is now much more unusual and is worn repeatedly during highly formal day events and formal weddings.

  • Wrap the scarf over your neck so that the seam is facing you.
  • Make sure one end, the one you need to wrap, hangs somewhat lower than the other.
  • Wrap the longer end around the shorter end twice.
  • Repeat step 2 a second time.
  • Take the longer end and thread it through the area between your neck and the scarf, just like a four-in-hand tie knot.
  • Allow the longer end to overhang the somewhat shorter end.
  • Finally, if desired, draw tight and fix the knot in the center with a pin (typically embellished with a bead).

Which Ascot is best for You?

In contrast to ties, worn outside of clothes, casual bandanas are worn inside the shirt and just on the skin. It is significant because they eliminate anything with an unpleasant texture or fabric. Silk is the preferred fabric for an ascot, and it is best not to leave it on to avoid skin discomfort. Any scarf you select should be a solid piece of patterned fabric, not woven or overly textured. This reason is not just to protect your skin but also because the texture might snag on your whiskers and ruin the Ascot every time you drop your head.

Turnbull & Asser Ascot Ties

When Should You Wear an Ascot?

Although we think ascots are overdressed, they are a nice compromise between a collared shirt and a tie. As a result of how to tie an ascot, they should utilize it sparingly. An ascot is a fun alternative for hot days when you want to remove a few buttons on your shirt but don’t want to scare the world with your chest hair. Weddings – Unless you are a wedding party member and must wear specified attire: Casual business meetings, luncheons, cocktail parties or dinners, and holiday travels are all excellent occasions to wear an ascot.

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