Because it’s worn every day, all day, directly up to the skin, underwear-like Moschino underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear. As a result, while many men prefer one type of underwear over another, it’s more practical to choose the style based on the day’s activities.

It is essential to have underwear

The first piece of clothing you put on is your underwear. You feel more confident and capable when you dress well. So, the foundation of your ability to dress confidently is your underwear. After all, your underwear is the most intimate piece of clothing you own; it reflects your self-esteem and confidence far more accurately than the clothes you wear on the outside. A good pair of underwear will also serve as a good foundation for the rest of your clothing, matching your shape and preventing bunching or snagging.


The Purpose of Underwear

Proper underwear gives you confidence, and it also serves a functional purpose. A nice pair of underwear will comfort and support you require. Your underwear provides a layer of soft fabric that should mold and move with your body to keep you comfy all day. The light, smooth material used–especially the MicroModal blend Moschino use in their luxury underwear–will keep your most sensitive areas from rubbing against coarser clothing fabrics and seams, causing irritation or chafing. When you wear tighter-fitting pants, the Moschino underwear ensures that you don’t expose too much skin.


How to Wear Underwear Properly

Find your most comfortable waistband spot. It varies from person to person, but it usually sits on your hips and follows the line where your other lower-body apparel ordinarily falls.

Measure your waist with a string rather than guessing your size if you want the best waistband fit. It’s a good idea to be more precise here to obtain a close, comfortable fit that doesn’t dig into your skin. Keep in mind that you want it to sit softly on your skin and not dig into it.

Make sure the fabric cradles rather than confines

Underwear should hug your body’s curves and not dig into or restrict your skin. Instead of confining you, they should offer you a sense of safety and comfort. The front pouch is particularly guilty of this. You’ll need enough space for things to breathe and feel secure. You don’t want it to feel suffocated.

Jimmy your junk

In keeping with the notion of not having your private parts crushed, you should jimmy everything around when you put your pants on in the morning. It ensures that everything is in the most comfortable position for you.

You’ll want to give your private parts some breathing room and make sure everything is sitting comfortably, not at awkward angles or flopping over the stage. They don’t want to be suffocated or mistreated.

Smooth out the leg creases

Any creases or bunches in your legs should be smoothed down. It will keep your Moschino underwear and the clothes you wear over it from chafing.

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