There is an insane demand for uber high-end watches. In an attempt to tame the hell that has been revolving in the second hand market of the Nautilus, Patek Philippe introduced ref. 5711/1A-014 Green Dial. Fast forward three months into the release, and the timepiece is just as hard to come by as its blue dial sibling.

A sealed Green Dial for auction

Later this month, Antiquorum auction house put one piece up for grabs. If coming across a new Patek Philippe Nautilus Green Dial was already near impossible, this piece raises the bar. The lucky (and wealthy) owner will not only get a brand new timepiece. In fact, this Nautilus comes sealed! In other words, it hasn’t been touched by any hands since it left the factory.

Untouched. How’s that for exclusivity?

If having the watch in the bag wasn’t exclusive enough, find out Patek Philippe actually prohibited retailers from using this practice back in 2017. The reasoning was that the watchmaker wants the watches to be worn and not just collected. By the looks of it, someone went against the rules on this one.

Overbidding at its finest

While the auction house estimated the LOT152 to go out for anywhere between $60.000 and $180.000, in the end, the watch was sold for $490.000.