Okay, I’m full aware that Rambo usually goes out to the mountains topless and holding nothing more than a knife. However, unless you had navy seals training done by vietnam veterans, this anti-crash backpack will allow you to grab more stuff for the road. The Capsula backpack is designed to suffer and resist. It’s inflatable, air-tight, waterproof and anti-crash.

So, what exactly does anti-crash mean? According to producers, once you’ve inflated it, you may go ahead and smash it with a hammer. Even glass will be safe inside. Furthermore, since we are talking about inflation, Capsula backpack comes with an air valve that lets you fill the backpack with air. This is particularly useful when you’re in water, keeping you at the surface.

The backpack is made from nylon fabric. It has a TPU coating that renders is abrasion and shock resistant. The inside of the bag is modularly organized. It can hold a few clothes and some essential survival gear. Furthermore, the space is fully customizable to your needs.

There are no holes in this backpack. 3D HF welding tech is used to put the layers together. No holes means better sealing against outer factors such as water, humidity and temperature change. Capsula backpack offers a high degree of thermal insulation. Whether you want to keep food warm or ready your spare gloves set, it will do the trick just fine.

Act fast and get it on Kickstarter for $114.