So we have the dress shirt, the party shirt and the work shirt. But what about a shirt for the other times, those times that you want to dress up, but in a more functional way? We’ve found it folks. The Ambassador Overshirt, by Batch.

Batch Shirt

I tried out the Ambassador this week for size. Apart from coming in a beautiful box, I quickly realized this shirt has many features:

  • Pockets – seriously, it has a lot of them. There are four square pockets on the shirt. While I don’t think I would be using most of them, I could imagine some occasion where I would. Perhaps a hunting / fishing trip – could use them to store small accessories. Still useful to have.
  • Glow – can’t really put my finger on this one, but the shirt seems to have a special shiny glow to it making it stand out above the crowd. You’ll definitely get some looks with this shirt.
  • Sizing – for my build, finding a well fitting buttoned down shirt isn’t the easiest thing. Many other shirts seem to squeeze my arms a bit while the Ambassador seems to fit just right. See images of the fit below.

The Ambassador Overshirt The Ambassador Overshirt

Don’t get caught without anything to wear for your fishing trip with the boss, grab a Ambassador Overshirt and stay smart!