Rolex Submariner – History, If you read about the Rolex Submariner, you’ll notice the number of adjectives. Virtually always followed by the term „most”. It is, without a doubt, the most iconic, well-known, influential, and significant sports watch of all time. Add the unfortunate distinction of being the most fabricated, and you’ve got a pretty remarkable spread. The Rolex Submariner, introduced in 1953, was the first diver’s watch with a water resistance of 100 meters. The wristwatch included a 60-minute rotating time bezel drives to assist in how much time they spent below. And the display had enough luminous material to assure readability even in the murkiest of conditions.

The Rolex Submariner’s History

 Today, the Submariner has climbed to a higher level, just as Rolex has surpassed the concept of being only a watchmaker and has become the ultimate exemplar of performance and luxury. The Rolex Submariner is no longer a watch, just as the Beatles were no longer a band. Technically, yes, but she affected everything that followed after (in a manner), and her cultural significance extends far beyond anything Rolex could have envisioned when they originally debuted their initial dive watch.

Rolex Submarine for men

Even for a Rolex, a brand famed for the consistency of its designs throughout the years, the Submariner is one of the least visibly modified models in the company’s history. Almost all of the essential physical parts of the initial reference are present in the current model, with only the internal motions undergoing drastic changes. Its underlying paradigm has developed over the years, but it was a gradual, controlled evolution that was’s defined as evolutionary, not revolutionary. That is the advantage of doing things correctly the first time.

Rolex found three Submariner models

Customers could pick from three distinct variants when the Rolex Submariner was from 1954. These are the reference Submariner 6200 with an A.296 caliber automatic movement and a 200-meter water resistance. The reference Submariner 6204 with 100-meter water resistance (later increased to 180 meters). And the reference Submariner 6205 with an A.260 caliber automatic movement and a 100-meter water resistance. Early specimens had no „Submariner” text until late 1954 when Rolex began utilizing „Submariner” on dials. There were no crown guards either back then.Rolex Submariner for men

Buy a Rolex Submariner

A Submariner is usually the first watch purchased by someone new to Rolex collecting. The sub is frequently the major reason people make the trip. So, how much does it cost to add one to your watch case? The good news is that a Rolex Submariner is possibly less expensive than you think. The admission costs between $10,000 and $12,000.

You can probably find an example of this in ref. A pre-Super Case watch with many modern features 16610 from the 1990s. Such as a scratch-resistant sapphire bezel an impeccable movement on the inside. And the most recognizable is the unique design offered. If you can afford to pay, there are plenty of Rolex Submariner alternatives at the top end. Some of the oldest vintage references are uncommon and, as a result, valuable, valued at well over a million dollars.

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