Spitfire Aviators come with the tagline, “Undeniably Cool”.

These sunglasses combine modern innovation with classic design. The name comes from a 1940s British fighter jet of the same name. They are a traditional aviator frame with wire-mesh shields that protect your periphery without obstructing your vision.

This look is undeniably slick, and not for the faint of fashion-hearted. They almost look like they belong in a steampunk universe, not the twenty-first century. But that’s part of what makes the industrial design so appealing.

Starting at $62, the price isn’t anything to scoff at either. You can read all the details on their IndieGoGo page.

Unlike many other fashionable sunglasses, the Spitfire is built for durability. They are meant to last and withstand every lifestyle, from the city to the country. From board meetings to mountain biking. The lenses are available in multiple colors, from black to bright yellow, which means that you can pick the right shade to suit your shades. Get it?