Stylish, cool, and an iconoclast; throughout fashion history, the leather jacket has retained a sense of personality like few other accessories. All you need is to wear one to up your style game. If you are looking for a leather jacket, we have just the thing for you.

The Top 5 Leather Jackets

1. Orvis Romano

The Romano is the ultimate bad boy jacket that harks back to the days when leather was the go to material for everything male. Crafted from goatskin leather, the jacket is soft to the touch and soft on the skin as well.

Retail: $1898.

 2. AllSaints Lark Leather

You will find the AllSaints on just about every jacket list you can find out there. This piece is for the millennial man who prefers a lightweight, minimalist aesthetic that is light on the pocket too.

Retail: $498.

3. Spidi Metal Jacket

This is made for the biker in you. Sleek and slim, with enough protection around the shoulder and elbows, the Spidi is certainly a show stopper and value addition to your wardrobe.

Retail: $499.

4. H&M Faux Leather

For those looking for a budget buy without compromising much on quality, the H&M jacket is a godsend. It features the slim aesthetic of a bomber jacket and the plush feel of a premium leather accessory.

Retail: $59.99

5. Superdry Hero

Superdry brings in a touch of the old school in a whole new modern style with their Hero leather jacket. The all black jacket is sure to be an eye catcher and the leather finish adds a premium feel to the Hero.

Retail: $239.50