Jeans are a garment that almost everyone enjoys, whether we talk about men, women, or children. And now there are a variety of jeans on the market. There are so many different styles, from ripped and flared to low-slung and slim. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common: a small pocket just above the jeans pocket. However, you can’t fit much in that jeans’ little pocket.

Why do jeans have small pockets?

The small pocket is known as a watch pocket because it keeps men’s pocket watches safe. It all started with the first Levi’s jeans, which hit the market in 1879. According to the Levi Strauss blog, blue jeans originally had four pockets, including the watch pocket. So the next time you stand casually with your thumb in this small pocket, you’ll remember that it was designed to hold a pocket watch. Find more interesting and fun facts about the little pocket on jeans now that we’ve demystified it.

LEVI'S 1879

The goal was straightforward. People used to keep their pocket watches in their jeans. Because the suit jacket already had a pocket for storing, pants worn with a suit did not have this pocket. When watches moved from pockets to wrists, those tiny pockets became obsolete.

Nowadays, storing something in such a small pocket is nearly impossible. Even if some people put coins in it, their fingers are too small to enter the pocket. Tracey Panek, Levi’s historian, told Insider that she never got rid of the bag to keep the old design that made people happy.

What can you store in a small pocket?

Pocket watches are as valuable as jewels because they are unique, functional, and decorative. The pocket watches are entirely Swiss-made and feature hand-assembled mechanisms. A gentle melody can also sublimate a movement’s oscillating ticking. Boegli watches have combined musical activity with mechanical movements, from nostalgic memories to famous classical tunes.

Pocket Jeans Watch

The passage of time becomes a one-of-a-kind bucolic and poetic moment. For a brief moment, time stops, making room for dreams and magical and meaningful melodies. To provide the best product possible, they have developed a manufacturing system that makes the sound of their movements as simple as possible. Who can resist the allure of an antique Jeans little pocket watch playing a lovely melody? The first musical movement watch was designed 200 years ago. Music clocks have captivated collectors of fine mechanical clocks ever since.

Make it into a coin purse

Although it’s a little deep, making it difficult to reach the loose change you’ve placed in it, its depth also means those coins won’t fall out as easy.

Use it as a portable music player

It is ideal for storing a small iPod or MP3 player.

Make it into a comb pocket

You can keep a small comb in there in case of a hair emergency.

Use it as a floss bag

A Jeans little pocket of dental floss fits in for dental emergencies. It’s also helpful for storing toothpicks. Just make sure not to prick yourself!

As a snack holder, use

It’s the ideal size for a small snack bar.

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