Men’s underwear and comfort wear manufacturer DAVID ARCHY is celebrating 10 years of commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and superior quality in the creation of underwear and comfort wear for men that blends basic designs with unmatched comfort. The company places a high value on detail and materials as part of its mission to provide consumers with an unmatched wearing experience. As a result, it creates cutting-edge designs that are of the highest caliber and satisfy a variety of client demands.

„This ten-year journey has seen us hitting a series of milestones, traveling from a humble start to becoming an apparel specialist whose reputation represents high-quality, comfort, durability, and reassurance. Our attention to detail, coupled with a focus on function, can be felt at the first touch of our products, the delightful softness of luxurious fabrics woven with state-of-the-art knitting technology to create an immediate sense of intimacy when brushing against your skin. We believe these elements, alongside the care going into every facet of our ergonomic designs, highlight the masculine beauty and give men full confidence when they are getting on with their daily lives.”  said Victor Yan, CEO of DAVID ARCHY.

DAVID ARCHY is aware of the special feeling of being enveloped in a silky garment created from premium, organic materials, which adds to overall enjoyment throughout the day. DAVID ARCHY has been able to create the natural and technology into items that feel like a body suit that breathes and moves with the user because the material selection is at the core of its product creation.

In addition to adding more softness, breathability, and stretchability to the underwear, the brand adds Micro Modal fibers, Bamboo Rayon fibers, and antibacterial technology to increase the underwear’s antibacterial capabilities. The Quick Dry line uses moisture-wicking materials and OsmoHive® technology to rapidly draw perspiration and moisture away from the skin and to the surface of the textiles, enabling continuously dry and refreshing comfort.