People around the world contribute their super unique minds to different causes. The Automotive geniuses behind BMW are teaming up with Puma to develop a shoe design that’s as sleek as their cars. Their new design is as innovative as they comeĀ and houses a myriad of different features to look at.

It’s an athletic shoe, and a laceless one at that. Instead of needing to tighten the shoes by tieing the laces, you turn a dial. This keeps it in place for longer due to the mechanics. However, while the deisgn of the shoe is cool, its origin is even cooler.

The material is actually made of an elastic. This elastic was the same used by a concept car recently put forth by the car company. The material is made to comfortably wrap itself around your foot. While the price of the shoes are certainly nothing to shake at, the perks that come with them make them well worth it.