We are, in many aspects, in the middle of a great fashion unraveling: a slow elimination of the constrictive, ingrained norms we have about the „proper” way to dress. If you will, think of the plain trouser.

In the realm of menswear, pants continue to be popular yet contentious but at what price? These days, pants come in all sizes. Pants may be peculiar. Whatever you want them to be, pants can be.

For instance, actor Lee Pace donned a set of cropped houndstooth Celine pants to the New York premiere of his newest film, the A24 sexy-slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies.

He also wore a loose-fitting blouse by Celine with a pattern of several huge cats, as well as a pair of chic black oxford shoes.

While it’s crucial to keep in mind that Pace is, rather famously, 6’5″ tall, which may make finding trousers off the rack challenging and even threaten to make regular pants cropped, he also made some significant fashion choices here that qualified the aforementioned slacks as „excellent cropped pants.”

First off, the referenced pants were intentionally cut a touch short by the wonderful people at Celine. As well as perhaps Lee’s tailor, so the proportions are just to make the ankle-skimming appear more studied and less goofy.

Secondly, the wide-leg, high-waisted shape strikes the ideal balance between polish and slouch for an A24 film premiere.

Lastly,  Lee chose tall socks over bare ankles because, if you’re wearing cropped trousers in 2022, a solid footwear choice, like as high socks or boots, may assist keep everything in order.

Cropped pants may be challenging to style, so if you want to channel the above mood, we suggest seeing a reputable tailor get your desired appearance.

Nevertheless, if you want to just try it out,  do what Lee does and try slightly rolling up your trouser legs. A tiny fold can keep things interesting, whether it’s in a pair of geeky pleated khakis during the day or a boyish Thom Browne suit at night.