A white cotton shirt gives a man a certain flair. It’s not the brand nor the price; but the elegance it inspires when worn properly. A quality dress shirt will improve the status quo of any man just by being there. However, shirts are also one of the easiest elements to stain and also the first to catch an odor.

LAB FRESH proposes a cotton shirt that you can wear multiple times. Due to its technology, it won’t stain and will repel water or other fluids. The INDUO technology used in LAB FRESH shirts will also remove the need to iron it, most of the time.

Instead of making the shirt 100% waterproof, the producers opted for a breathable choice. Basically, this means sweat will be able to evaporate from the skin. On the other hand, even if your shirt will get wet from the outside, it will dry up in minutes.

This is definitely not the first liquid repellent piece of fashion. However, unlike other brands who just spray hydrophobic coatings, LAB FRESH acts at the base of the cotton fibers. For this reason, you are not supposed to feel the difference between these shirts and traditional cotton ones.

This project is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Slim fit and regular shirts are available for sale starting at $105. LAB Fresh is also offering stainless, spill free ties.