Almost a year ago, we wrote a piece on Smart Belt, the best-fitting belt out there. Now the producers are back with version 2.0, promising to live to the name of the Smart Belt concept. To put that in perspective, the original Smart Belt was the most crowdfunded accessory ever (so far).

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What’s new

According to Smart Belt founders (Holt Evans & Radu Zarnescu), more than half of backers from the previous version wished for more colors and more buckle finishes. This being said, the guys put in the work and brought over a better belt.

As you expect, Smart Belt 2.0 uses the same quality italian leather as the first rendition. Furthermore, a kevlar core was added to increase durability and toughness. The kevlar insert should provide 5 times more strength compared to a regular reinforced belt.


It’s awesome to know you can fit the belt to your size. The Smart Belt 2.0 does not come fully assembled. Instead, you get to cut the leather at the desired length. Then, attach it to the buckle and it’s ready to use.

The total mix of belt colors and buckle finishes makes up for 30 different combinations of the Smart Belt 2.0. This may make it easier to find the one that really suits your style.


You can support the Smart Belt 2.0 project via Kickstarter ($59+). Delivery starts August 2018 with the first 5000 backers expected to receive their product by October 2018.