You can’t simply reinvent time. However, you can reinvent timekeeping. And this is what HYT Watches is bringing into the game. Forget spur wheels and coil springs. It’s all about hydromechanical power right now. It all sounds fancy, but how does it actually work.

By using a very precise amount of liquid and mastering fluid mechanics, you can get it to measure time. A pump accompanied by two bellows made from the finest alloys allows compression and expansion of fluid at an established time interval.

Furthermore, everything is put together beautifully. The dark case contrasts with the fluorescent liquid, creating harmony. Only a part of the system is revealed to show the inner workings. This is more amazing as the watch was stripped to the bare needs, not an extra element was added.

There are six main collections to choose from, each featuring its distinctive style. Check out more details on HYT.