One bag to carry it all. Most of us dream of fitting our entire workday in a convenient carry bag. The dream is a step closer to reality with the Hustleandfit duffle bag.

Carry Everything

The features of the Hustleandfit bag read like an all-star list: An inner garment bag will keep your suits and jackets wrinkle free. Another smart compartment can easily hold your work laptop. There are multiple micro compartments to hold smaller items. If you are the jet setting type, just attach the bag’s luggage sleeve to your hand baggage.

Now most bags can carry your clothes and laptop. But the Hustleandfit has a standout feature that we absolutely love: An insulted meal compartment that carries 4 meals. You can pack an entire day’s food and it will stay fresh and hot.

For The Always Busy

Hustleandfit has been exclusively designed for people on the go. For those of us who juggle multiple activities and tasks. You can easily transition from work to the gym and back to work with one convenient bag. It can even transition from a duffle to a backpack, if that is more of your style.

The Hustleandfit bag is a Kickstarter project which will soon release.