The bad boy outfits are once again trending more than ever! With leather jackets and shades even indoors this look is more desired than ever. With the popularization of Grease in the late 70s, the bad-boy jock look was always deemed attractive.John Travolta Bad Boy Look

Dressed in all black and with hair gelled back, John Travolta was the heartthrob of the year. But as modernization went by so did trends. Wear a modern version of the badass attire and enjoy the attention.

Integrate Cool Jackets

Spice up your outfit with cool bad boy jackets. There is a multitude of different awesome jackets you can pick from. There is the flannel where you can look like a badass lumberjack. Or the denim jacket that looks super casual but also essential for the look that e are striving for.

Then there is the most classic and known, the leather jacket. Worn by various celebrities the leather jacket gives a mysterious vibe. The quiet bad boy that everyone wants to know more about definitely wears a leather jacket as well.

Minimalistic Clothing

Wearing clothes with minimalistic logos and neutral colors is very important. Don’t be too flashy and out and obvious. Wearing graphic tees and a whole bunch of color makes it look like you are trying too hard. But when you wear neutral and minimalistic colors that shows that you can look good while barely trying. Not caring is a very bad boy thing to do!

The Correct Shoes

Shoes are the first thing people notice in an outfit. So, make sure you choose the right shoes to go with your fit. If you like something light tries neutral sneakers. All white or black sneakers look awesome on a neutral fit. But if sneakers are too casual for you, boots are always an option.

Doc Martens are always an excellent choice to go with if you like classic black boots.  If you are trying to look more like a high school jock maybe try Converse.

The Sunglasses Finishing Touch

As your outfit is coming to an end there is one last finishing touch to it. The last and best accessory. The sunglasses, are worn either outside or even indoors.

This accessory gives you the best bad boy outfits you have always wanted. Wear the classic Ray-ban for most effect. Wearing aviator sunglasses gives you a more authoritative vibe and makes you look like you’re in charge. If you want a more laid-back look choose the Justin Classics.

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