Speedway Gloves 01

Gloves Inspired by the 70’s

Seen on the hands of stars like Kenny Rodgers, Eddie Lawson and Ray Carroll, racing gloves have become synonymous with the idea of racing cars. Cars flying down the track with speeds pushing 200 miles an hour at a time make the hand quite sweaty. So in order to help increase the safety of the drivers and cars, these gloves became quite popular in their heyday.

So because trends like to go in loops, it was only a matter of time before these bad boys came back in style. Not to be undone by their competitors in the market, Velomacchi introduced this slick product to the public. Following the suit of their one-of-a-kind mentality, they’ve pushed the limit in their design. All things considered, it’s pretty easy to see that Velomacchi has become very innovative with these.

Of course, the company didn’t just want their product to be built for racing, so they’ve put in some new pieces to help make these gloves suitable for driving any vehicle. The surprisingly soft deer-hide grip is built for versatility. The skin makes the gloves virtually slip-free! So when you’re driving either off-road or on, you can be sure that these gloves will serve you well. As an added bonus, these are a steal of a price, coming in at only $99, which can be bought following the link below.

So whether you’re going to test your latest run, checking out the back 40, or simply going for a pleasure cruise on the autobahn, make sure you’ve got your gloves in tow!

Speedway Gloves 05