Adding coins to a regular wallet is like eating a Big Mac everyday – sooner or later you will get a belly. Most wallets are designed to carry flat elements, such as paper money, cards and IDs. A space designed for coins isn’t getting much attention.

Inspired from the iconic Sony Discman, the Disc Wallet plans to change things up by providing not only space for coins, but also a way to store them without making the wallet look fat. Only if this was also possible with belly fat and Big Macs. Instead of letting coins fumble around in a Brownian way, Disc Wallet sets them upright. Instantly, the bulk of the wallet is greatly reduced, making it possible to store it in your shirt pocket.

One thing that sets apart Disc Wallet is manufacturing quality; wallets are hand-made hand stitched in England. They are made from exquisite full grain vegetable leather. According to Disc Brand founder Ankit Talwar, this is the last wallet you will ever need, as it is designed to last a lifetime.

Don’t move on just yet, as Disc Wallet isn’t all about stacking coins. It holds any English and international currency folded in half. An internal leather band can accommodate up to 6 cards. For increased security, Disc Wallet can be optionally featured with an RFID lock system to block hackers from digitally stealing your cash.

Disc Brand makes a statement of not compromising on quality. This might just be the wallet you are looking for to replace your old, worn piece. Grab it now for $25 (earlybird)