Travelling is a lot of fun! However, unlike animals and birds, we can’t just simply take off and go everywhere naked. A proper travel bag goes a long way in enhancing experience. It’s great to be able to store everything you need for the upcoming travel and still feel comfy. NOMATIC Travel bag promises to fulfill the needs of every vagabond traveler or city foot rider, being able to store any type of electronic device as well as other valuables, clothes, and accessories.

It’s nothing but a ton of pockets stitched together you’d say. While obviously, the NOMATIC Travel bag has quite a bunch of pockets for everything, they’re not just put together in the shape of a backpack. Instead, various pockets fulfill specific tasks. One protects against RFID attacks while also providing reinforced access, while another is designed to fit vacuumed clothes to reduce space.

Overall, NOMATIC holds 15 areas for storage where you can fit clothes, laptop, tablet, shoes, laundry and wallet. As developers say, the bag was designed for trips lasting between 3 and 7 days. Of course, you can use it for a single sleepover but not even Nomatic can take on enough luggage for two weeks’ worth of leave.

The project has been sponsored on Kickstarter by more than 9,000 people whom gathered almost $2 million. You can preorder the bag here.

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