Getting the smart features without dropping classic elegance. That’s what Mim X smartwatch is all about. Using TLD technology, mim X literally makes the screen invisible. As long as you don’t need smart features, you only see a classic dial watch.

However, when notifications pop-up, the digital display shows up as well. Mim x can be paired with Android and iOS phones. Users have the ability to choose what notifications they receive and which ones will be muted on the watch.

With two different displays, mim X can keep track of two time zones. It also has the ability to automatically detect the time zone you are in at the moment. Various features such as phone call notification, health apps and sleep tracking are available for integration with mim X.

Design-wise, the watch comes in three colorways: modern silver steel, classic stealth brown and active stealth black. While the main goal is to offer smart functions without compromising on the classic design, for some the watch may be a tad too simple. Not everybody wants a simple watch. Some men are attracted by theĀ extravagant or futuristic watch design. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The strap is made out of TPU for most versions. While it is stronger and more durable than plastic or rubber, you might miss the feeling of leather against your skin. Get your own mim X smartwatch on Kickstarter for $36.