Do you want to know what kinds of summer streetwear outfits you can wear in 2022?

You’ll be relieved to learn that fashion has returned to normalcy. The recent Summer 2022 men’s collection featured more reality shows than the previous two seasons combined. Designers appeared to be in good spirits, with the vast majority displaying a newfound creative summer streetwear vigour unseen in previous closures. The best news is that the outfits on display were far more interesting to look at, describe, touch, and, ideally, wear than those that had previously walked the digital and real runways.

British GQ has┬áspent the last few weeks condensing the best trends for the coming season in order to provide you with a comprehensive guide to what to buy and wear when Summer 2022 finally arrives. If you like everything from sleeveless tops to cropped vests, we’ve got you covered.

Summer streetwear

Coach Jacket And Relaxed-Leg Chino Pants

This simple fit is a sure winner when it comes to appearing flaming without actually catching fire. It’s light and breezy, making it ideal for summer evenings. Because of the rise of maximalism, relaxed leg trousers are still popular. This extra space is also advantageous for proper ventilation in hot weather. With its collared style, a Coach jacket can be used to dress up anything or wrapped across the body as a shoulder bag when not in use. It allows you to keep the cape as part of your outfit without overheating.


T-shirt And Over-shirt with Chino Shorts

Any man who has ever owned a lightweight Harrington jacket knows that not all jackets must be put away when summer arrives. There’s no reason to abandon layering if you’re creative with your choices.

When it’s hot enough to melt lead outside, use a lightweight overshirt to achieve the same structured upper half. Prioritize breathable fabrics, such as a linen-cotton blend, in a looser cut to maximize air circulation, and layer it over a printed or graphic T-shirt to make it stand out.

Because this look doesn’t scream ‘skater boy’ from the top, you can relax down below with chinos shorts that hit just above the knee and a pair of lifestyle runners or retro sneakers.


Cap, Windbreak, With Sports Shorts

Any man worth his Supreme stock understands that headgear is an important part of streetwear. Few outfits can’t be improved with the addition of a hat of some kind, from beanies to buckets.

Try pairing a five-panel or curved-peak baseball cap with a bold, block-color windbreaker. On cooler evenings, it can be tied around the waist or around the body to keep the chill at bay.

Sports shorts, which are often made of a glossy material like nylon, will add another dimension of texture and pull the look together while ensuring those pins get the sun they deserve.


Short Sleeve Print Shirt With Raw Denim

Making a statement in summer streetwear has always been important. Wearing a statement summer shirt is the ideal way to do so during the warmer months. The use of bright colors is the way to go here, with the rest of the ensemble remaining simple. If you choose a Cuban neck design, you will receive bonus points. Of course, that’s not street-ready. So pair it with some skin-tight raw denim folded or rolled up at the hem and a pair of high-top Converse underneath.

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