Basketball has had a significant impact on the streetwear and footwear industries. It is one of the most well-known basketball sneakers of all time, as important to streetwear culture as brands like Stussy or items like Dickies work pants. It’s terrifying to think that if Michael Jordan decides to become a baseball player, Skechers or Allbirds could control the shoe market. Let us be thankful that we don’t live in a world without Jordans.

Many of the best basketball shoes were once cutting-edge technology, before becoming counterculture icons and blank canvases for your favorite brand’s sneaker collaborations. While the Converse AllStar appears to be few in comparison to the current Nike LeBron, and a rubber toe cap is insignificant in terms of Adidas Boost technology, it demonstrates how far sneaker design has progressed. So, if you’re looking for new basketball shoes, why not try a pair from our list of The best basketball sneaker line in history?


Nike Jordan XXXVI

Take a look at our best basketball shoe review, which features an unsigned sneaker. It denotes that this one is well-deserving of its place. Jordan Brand is always bringing something fresh to the table. The Leno Weave jacquard top provides a lightweight but durable ride. Another feature introduced last season was the hollow core. This reduces shoe weight while allowing more room for the stabilizer shaft.


Nike Cosmic Unity

Nike is constantly releasing spectacular products, and the Nike Cosmic Unity is the basketball shoe for the 2022 season. The exceptionally thin outsole of the Cosmic Unity provides less weight, superior support, and improved responsiveness. In addition, the secure top with a waffle structure is made of at least 25% recyclable materials.


Adidas Trae Young

The arrival of Trae Young’s first trademark shoe in the basketball footwear industry in 2021-2022 is an exciting event. The Adidas Trae Young 1 features a few unique design elements. The low-top silhouette is laceless first and foremost, but the lure here is the sole. The multidirectional, grooved outsole grips the hardwood, while the ergonomic midsole provides support and comfort where needed.


New Balance KAWHI 2

The New Balance KAWHI 2 was developed in collaboration with a player who is just as likely to win a game with a block as a poorly guarded 3-point attempt. The New Balance KAWHI 2 is an excellent option. The KAWHI 2 features a FuelCell midsole and a continuous shaft. Unlike most shoes, which have a shorter midsole to increase stiffness, this pair provides durability as well as support for cutting and leaping.


Reebok More Buckets

Even though Reebok is no longer associated with basketball powerhouses, it’s important to remember that this brand has a long history on the court. Reebok has been worn by some of the NBA’s greatest players, including Shaq and AI. The Reebok More Buckets are a great low-cost option that doesn’t skimp on performance. The sturdy textile and mesh upper is ideal for off-road use and vintage styling.

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