We’re not saying Rolex sucks. The Swiss brand established its dominance on the market through decades of high-quality timepiece crafting. After all, it doesn’t go up to tens of thousands of dollars for nothing.

On the other hand, getting a Rolex is somewhat out of most people’s pocket range. If you’re interested in a high quality watch, check out our selection. We’re featuring 3 watch models which are just as classy as any Rolex but come at a fraction of the price.

1. Bulova Super Seville ($400-$800)

A classic-looking, powerful model from Bulova, the Super Seville is available around the world. It is slightly difficult to find a brand new piece, but consecrated websites sell like-new models for $400 to $800 a piece depending on the characteristics.

2. Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz ($500)

While it slips towards the military side of things, the 40mm Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz features a simple design. It is one of the most handsome watches to wear on the field without really compromising on functionality. Prices for a brand-new piece range between $500 and $600. More info is available on Hamilton Watch.

3. Ball Engineer II Marvelight ($1200)

The Ball Engineer II Marvelight comes in a 4-digit price tag. However, it is definitely worth the extra investment if you can afford it. The watch features a 40mm steel case and a sapphire glass, glow in dark micro gas tubes and a magnified date. With 4 available colorways, the Ball engineer II Marvelight looks great both with casual and formal attires. Get more info on BallWatch.