Isn’t it amazing when you plan on something, and it goes better than you expected? Fortunately, you can profit on the luck of this Kickstarter project of Filippo Loreti. The task is to create an affordable watch but without compromising on quality. Various jewelers and designers took part in the project, refining the design of this limited timepiece.

Filippo Loreti is made out of 316L stainless steel in which designers have maximum trust. To prove its reliability, each watch comes with a 10 year warranty. Given that most timepieces limit to a 2, 3 years max, it’s quite amazing. Furthermore, you are getting a hand-built product, with a custom strap.

Once you select the one you want, you will be asked for your wrist measurements, so the Italian leather strap will fit just right, without any annoying adjustments. The reason why these timepieces are sold for such a low value is a direct-to-customer sale strategy. Basically, the product skips the distributor-wholesale-retailer chain and its fees, being delivered directly to the end user.

At the moment, Filippo Loreti watches is the most funded watch Kickstarter project ever, with more than $4.5 million in orders, going several hundred times over the initial $20.000 target. Act fast and you may still catch the $155 Early bird. According to the producer, first orders will be shipped early March 2017.