For the still-unreleased No Time To Die, Daniel Craig filmed his final scene as James Bond at Pinewood Studios in 2019. It was a setback for the admirers he had gained since he assumed the part in 2006 and gave it a record-breaking run that gave the character fresh vitality.

In addition to giving the secret agent a broodingly chilly appearance following Pierce Brosnan’s lighter touch, he also succeeded in enhancing 007’s fashion sense.

Craig’s version of the spy wore high-end luxury labels like Brioni, Brunello Cucinelli, and Tom Ford. Craig’s personal wardrobe did match that of his on-screen counterpart, and he channeled 007 whenever he appeared on the red carpet, donning figure-hugging tuxedos fit for Her Majesty’s Secret Service and grey houndstooth linen suits from the aforementioned Cucinelli.

Surprisingly, Craig is still sort of channeling Ian Fleming’s renowned James Bond character despite having quit the job; the new James Bond has not yet been announced. As an illustration, consider the 54-year-old actor who was recently seen on camera outside the Cheval Blanc hotel in Paris while filming sequences for the next advertising campaign for the alcoholic beverage Belvedere.

Daniel Craig

Craig displays his acting prowess while stomping the streets of Paris’ first arrondissement in an ultra-chic all-black ensemble that includes a boxy leather jacket akin to those seen on Saint Laurent’s runways, a black scoop neck vest, waist-cinched black baggy slacks, leather tassel loafers, a pair of blacked-out sunglasses, and a silver chain necklace. It’s the kind of sexy outfit we’d have liked to see Bond don while battling crime in a speakeasy in Berlin. Who knows, maybe Bond 26 will include it.