Before HisPotion gets started in schooling you on the finer details of elevated informal wear, repeat this line:

Informal does not necessarily mean downtrodden, unkempt, or even dressed down

So, if you’re looking for tips on how to look elegantly wasted, look elsewhere. By the end of this piece, you will know how to put together a look that may not be formal in the traditional sense, but it will most definitely get you through the doors of just about anywhere you decide to go.

 Askov Finlayson Explorer Pant

Perfectly tailored and constructed for just about any activity, these navy blue pants by Askov Finlayson are 100% cotton, padded for your pleasure, and are perfect to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe. If you’re scheduled for an informal event, whether day or night, these are an exceptional pair of meeting pants.

 Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Linen Sweater

Light enough to wear all day, and fashionable enough that you will want to, this linen crewneck sweater is made in Italy, ribbed for your pleasure, and provides the ultimate in style and sophistication for an informal occasion.

Nisolo Luca Chukka Boots

This latest version of their chukka boots have been made to be sleeker, more modern, and more versatile than previous models, created for maximum support over a long extended day. These boots are made for both informal and formal occasions. It’s entirely up to you and your trajectory.

Nisolo Loreto Messenger Bag

A versatile bag that can carry all of your essentials (as well as a few non-essential) items, this waxed canvas bag provides all the comfort and functionality that you demand.

Nisolo Owen Leather Belt

Informal or formal, this leather belt is the perfect complement to your casual wear or business pants. One size fits most.

Miansai M24 

Understated, sleek, and impossible to ignore, this watch is includes chocolate leather and Japanese precision.