After their immense success featuring watches made from recycled Mustang parts, REC is at it once more. This time, the start-up company is using Porsche Parts to create timekeeping marvels. The elements come not from any Porsche, but from the classic 911 sportscar.

The collection is named „The 901”. The 901 includes three watches,¬†each one using Miyota movements. When you are staring at the dial and case, you are actually looking at a piece of what once was an iconic Porsche 911.

However, it is not all about the material. The design of the watch is also inspired from the two seater. For example, the rear cap looks like a Porsche 911 rim with a slotted brake rotor. Next up, the power gauge is very similar to an oil gauge.

The price is rather steep at around $1000, but if you are a real 911 fan and can afford the expense, by all means, go for it. More details on REC Watches.