Fabric types are plentiful – What do you know about them? Before the subsequent shopping for the fabric, your complete Men’s Summer Fabric Guide on the market is ready.

The year is 2022, and technology is at its peak. Internet shopping has long been a substitute for a tedious mall tour. We have all memorized our measurements and the most flattering sectors, and most of the trade sites already offer fast delivery the next day. But one extremely critical thing is missing – information about types of fabrics and how they will sit on our bodies.

What types of fabrics do clothes have?

Many fabric types vary depending on the garment you want to sew. Cotton, viscose, and polyester are today’s most common. Cotton is trendy in hot areas because of its breathing quality. Winter clothes are used in corduroy, jersey, and flannel – thick, warm and durable fabrics.

What’s the synthetic fabric?

Synthetic fabric is an overall name for each fabric made from fibers that are not produced from plants or animals. They are made from polymers, the substance that makes up most plastic products globally and it is produced from an oil byproduct. Compared to natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics are much more durable for daily use; they are not mandatory to iron and are cleaned very easily.

synthetic fabric

Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are fabrics made from fibers produced from natural materials such as plants and animals. They are considered more qualitative than synthetic ones, which is reflected in the price and prestige of clothing made from them. However, natural fabrics are less durable compared to synthetic fabrics and tend to tear, wrinkle and get dirty more quickly. Over time, due to the advancement of technology, many natural fabrics have received their synthetic version. In this way, some fabrics allow all the benefits of synthetic fabrics to be combined with the benefits of natural ones.

natural fabric

What’s a viscose cloth or a glowing fiber?

Viscose is a fabric made from organic liquid bearing its name. The glowing fiber was created from trees in 1924. Various scientists tried to produce it synthetically for years. Since they succeeded in 1938, it’s been produced exclusively synthetically. The glowing fiber is used to make fabrics and cellophane paper. These fabrics are shiny, silk-like, and designed for various uses – for the production of shirts, pants, coats, and even for weaving silk-like carpets.

What is the difference between natural fabric and synthetic one?

As we mentioned before, natural fabric is made from natural fibers – animals and plants only. For example, skin, suede, cotton, and silk are natural fabrics. On the other hand, synthetic fabric is made from chemicals or synthetic polymers. It is commonly thought that synthetic fabrics are less qualitative, but today there are some great ones. In this way, it is possible to produce comfortable clothes at affordable prices.

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