With approximately twenty years of building up a wardrobe now firmly under your belt, your 40s arguably are the best years of your sartorial life. You’ve collected, curated, and incorporated several styles to find the best looks and now is the time to definitively know what to wear now that you are a man of a certain age.

Idris Elba has mastered the art of dressing for your 40s
Idris Elba has mastered the art of dressing for your 40s

To Sport or Not To Sport

Athleisurewear may be trending now and everyone seems to be wearing it, but that doesn’t mean it has to take up a substantial amount of room in your closet. There are certain looks that are more inclined to be worn by the younger set and sportswear – unless on your way to the gym or running errands near your home – should probably be left to men in their early 20s and 30s. Phasing out athletic apparel as ‘real clothes’ also means limiting the amount of hats, backpacks, and loud sneakers that you own.

The Bling of It All

Entering your 40s, you should already have at least one watch, but now is the time to go one step further and delve towards the high-end variety. There’s no reason you can’t add a bit more of bling to your collection as well – a few bracelets and necklaces with minimal embellishments can serve you well.


Trade Up Those Trousers

His Potion is not suggesting that jeans disappear from your wardrobe entirely during your 40s, but it is definitely time to move on and up the palette. A truly grown man will have an extensive selection of slacks to choose from, including chinos, corduroys, linen pants, and more. Choose colors that are easy to coordinate with the blazers that also should be prominent in your wardrobe by now. Since your 40s are all about expansion, be sure that you have all your bases covered across the board.


Suit Up!

After twenty years of working in whatever your field may be, the 40s is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your place in the workplace by looking the part every day of the week in the office. By now, you should have enough suits that exude confidence as well as an immaculate tailor that you can trust to take care of any adjustments or alterations you may need. A great suit speaks volumes and by your 40s you should be a book that everyone wants to at least peruse.

men should be in the driver’s seat of fashion by their 40s

Final Style Considerations

The 40s represent the time to phase out of what is trending all the time and transitioning into the looks that will come to be known as your signature ones. Within those bounds lie the accessories and other additional items that will give you the look of a man truly excelling in his age bracket.

This means that great loungewear for nighttime is a must. Move beyond boxers for bed and invest in some robes to indulge yourself as the elder statesman you are becoming. The right haircut will also perfectly shape your face, and will hopefully be given to you by another person you need to know on a first name basis – your hairdresser.

These points, coupled with your other style configurations will ensure that the 40s are the start of your best years to come.