Winter is here. And along with it, jackets. We are fast forwarding to next year and bring you the top winter jackets of 2021:

1. G-Star Atoll

The lightweight anorak jacket is ideal for pleasant winter days. The outer layer features a smart black finish. Practical features include side slits with zippers and pull up cords for chilly winds. The Atoll makes a stylish, suave statement. 

2. The North Face Denali

Who says winters need to be bleak and colourless. The North Face brings bright, pop colours to their Denali range. The jacket comes with a media pocket that enables you to stay connected, no matter the weather. Get it on The North Face for $179

3. Tommy Hilfiger Hampton

Minimalist, stylish, and effective in cold weather. The Hampton ($250) brings in all the style of the fashion icon and all of the warmth. The collars and chin have additional fleece layers for that extra comfort. 

4. Barbour International Endo

Blending sophistication with practicality, the Endo ($305) is a valuable addition to your wardrobe. The biker-inspired jacket is breathable on the outside and cosy on the inside with a quilted line.

5. Carharrt WIP Larsen

When snow and storm come calling, the Larsen ($142) is the jacket for the occasion. It combines high functionality with smart style. Waterproof zip closure, adjustable hood, and protection against extreme elements: A complete winter jacket.