It is now officially the beginning of the menswear season for Spring/Summer 2023 in London. London Fashion Week has brought in some of the most exciting and colorful looks to get ready for the summer. This precedent has been set as a vibrant example for the cities to come after it.

This season’s street style looks reflected the high-spirited energy of fashion week, which comes at a time when the ill effects of the pandemic are beginning to abate and life is beginning to return to a somewhat more normal state. Attendees at the show continue to favor casual-leaning silhouettes, such as lightweight suits with oversized tailoring that are worn with a straightforward tank top or t-shirt underneath. The attendees embraced the summer energy and brought forward matching tie dye-inspired shirts and trouser ensembles, in addition to striking and colorful pinstripe patterns, which caught the eyes of spectators who were observing the event.

Showgoers pay homage to the city’s suiting styles by dressing up their Prada loafers with edgy accessories and bold graphic tees to maintain the tradition of elegance that was inspired by Saville Row throughout the years. The skate culture of London served as an inspiration for more everyday looks, with many attendees arriving in outfits that placed an emphasis on comfort and included baggier canvas pants paired with an informal blazer on top. Showgoers in London, which is the city that experiences the most wind during fashion week, dress for the occasion and the weather by layering in a way that is light but creative. This highlights the understated elegance that is associated with London Fashion Week.