These may be the most interesting solution to cold winter frustrations on Kickstarter. There have been many attempts to come up with interesting designs, and some have worked. However, this is probably the most creative way yet. The +Winter are actually soles. However, these Removable soles that are connected to the phone in your hand.

As a result of some genius snapping awake in the middle of the night to write this down probably, they’ve built remote heated insoles! HEATED! As in, you open the app on your phone, select the temperature and that’s it! Why hasn’t this been thought of before! Consequently, they want to have an easy charging system as well, so this product comes with a wireless charger too.

It’s perfect for Winter Sports guys, people who live in cold climates and more. If you deal with snow every year, this is a project that you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on! Donate to their Kickstarter today!

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