Harry Styles’ sartorial horizons are constantly expanding.

The pop star has given us Technicolor jumpsuits, head-to-toe sequins, and suits so maximalist that they can compete with the best during his current Harry’s House era.

Styles released a new music video for „Late Night Talking” earlier this week. He is dressed to the nines, much to no one’s surprise. But the outfit he’s sporting—silky pajamas with a dreamy, dressy blazer—is an unexpected (but very welcome) departure from the norm.

The pajama set that Styles is sporting as he strolls through each scene is the star of the video. They are made of silk that is smooth and delightfully dotted. He changes into a pair of brown and blue clothes after beginning in a pink and tan outfit. Warm retro tones reminiscent of seductive midcentury design can be seen in both color schemes. But when he layers an off-white blazer over those high-end pajamas, that’s when the real lightbulb moment happens. (He also appears to be sporting sneakers made in a collaboration between Gucci and Adidas.) One of the many benefits of being Harry Styles is the ease with which he pulls off this high-low style moment.

Given Styles’ association with the brand and friendship with designer Alessandro Michele, the entire music video has the feel of a Gucci advertisement. Not to be forgotten, Styles and Michele collaborated on the HA HA HA collection, which will be available later this year. Similar to those outfits, those in this video are positively dripping with 1970s vibes and louche in all the right ways.

Now, for those of us who are merely mortals and are unlikely to dress with the same reckless abandon as Styles, wearing a summer suit with a camp-collared shirt is the safer option. Fortunately, some of the most exciting shirts of the season have a pajama-like feel.  And look, we’re not going to stop you if you want to channel Harry Styles and wear your cutest pajamas with your quirkiest blazer—after all, it is summer.