Everybody associates Sherlock Holmes with two key things. One, the fact that he say’s „Elementary, Dear Watson”, and the second, his every faithful pipe. The pipe has become so well-known because of the character that it took on the name the Sherlock in many circles. However, it’s been quite some time since anybody has taken the pipe into the age of technology. Normally, you spot older styles of wood and plastic. Yanko Designs has taken the design to a new level.

This LED vaporizer is sleek and elegant, and while the pipe doesn’t let out smoke from the main piece, the light swirls to recreate the effect.The design is built to take inspiration from the hunter’s cap that holmes is often times wearing in his stories as well. The whole design is built for the purpose of making vapors feel a little more elegant than the normal design, and knowing Yanko, they’ve more than done the job.