The 1960s may have occurred fifty years ago, but they are still relevant. The style of those years continues to have a significant impact on the way gentlemen decide to dress today. From the stunning mod look to the iconic boho style, the 60s aesthetic was daring and unusual. That is why these models are still popular, appearing on the runway and in stores season after season.

While no one gets advocating a full-fledged retro comeback, including some classic 60s aesthetic in your wardrobe is a no-brainer. All you have to do now is choose the appropriate decade style for your personality, and we’ll teach you how to pull it off.

AD conservative males

In the early 60s aesthetic, men were modestly dressed, especially when it came to professional clothes. Mad Men, the popular 2007 series, is a perfect example of men’s office attire choices in the 1960s.

Don Draper style

Don Draper (or the costume department) preferred the classic American appearance, a single-breasted sack jacket with narrow notch lapels, two buttons, and a single vent in the back, over an English, European, or Italian cut suit. You can combine a neat professional appearance with the typical early 1960s men’s haircut of a short back and sides with a side part.

Mod in the 60s aesthetic

When we think of the 1960s, we automatically think of the mod appearance. This aesthetic was also reflected in the music industry, so some of the band’s fans at the time embraced this style.

Mod 60s Fashion

Unlike many other well-known fashion fads of the decade, the mod look was crisp and refined. Slim-fit designs with a narrow form and clean lines dominated the trend, which evolved from the classic Teddy boy image of the 1950s. The mod aesthetic included fitted suits paired with polo shirts and vibrant colors and patterns.

Sporty lounge

In the mid-’60s, sports jackets with large, vibrant designs and colors replaced the grey flannel suit. They were initially worn as semi-casual clothing, but as new college graduates entered the workforce and brought their anti-establishment fashion with them, they gradually made their way to the workplace. Many men’s professional styles are based on a combination of formal and casual elements with eye-catching colors and a slim fit.

60s Biker Look

The biker look was one of the most popular fashion trends in the 1960s, and it is still popular now. The style stood apart from the mod and bohemian movements, which were also present in the fashion trends. The biker style was edgy and full of attitude, influenced by 1950s rock & roll culture. It was consistent in appearance, with black trousers, heavy-duty boots, a T-shirt or polo, and a leather jacket.

60s Biker Look

Weekend 60s aesthetics

Men’s trends of the 1960s were not all initiated by teenagers. Middle-aged men used to change out of their suits and sportcoats and go golfing at the club to socialize and unwind after work. They also donned this semi-casual appearance on weekends, removing the tie and opting for a polo shirt over a dress shirt.

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