Olive Green is a beautiful and unique color of nature. It is very attractive and pleasing to the eye. Even though it might be hard to pair it with other colors, it is worth a try.

If you have ever wanted to wear this magnificent color but don’t know, keep on reading. We will teach you the most essential tips and tricks. Start wearing it like a pro.

The Season of Olive Green

Not many people know this but certain colors go best in certain seasons. When the orangey and foggy view settles in that’s when you should start wearing olive green the most.

Autumn sheds the tree’s leaves and turns the scenery into an auburn delicacy. The colors mix and intertwine making it surely the best season for this color. The gloomy atmosphere sets in the best vibe for a fit with that color scheme.

Light Layering

Layering is the oldest trick in the book. Makes outfits look super cool and brings attention to you. But autumn is not that cold, won’t layering overheat you? Well, sometimes but depends on the layering.

Wearing light layers over your outfit of various types of mesh could be life-changing. Maybe a vest or a raincoat could look formidable with the style you have chosen. This layer helps you protect yourself from chilly afternoons when it is not hot but not quite cold either. Just a little bit of a breeze.

Dull and Neutral colors

The colors that go best with it are dull and neutral colors since it doesn’t express much. Brown, white, grey, or many shades of beige could go perfectly with olive green. These colors do not cancel each other out. yet on the other hand they mix perfectly.

Source: thehighestfashion.com

Giving off a nature vibe the palette of the outfit can best describe a forest. If you spend most of your time outside perhaps this color fits you best.

Army wear

Trending recently, and since forever, has been army wear! Olive green is the perfect color that comes with every army pants, cargo, jacket, and more. If you do not know how to style this color, having an army-themed print is the easiest way you will never go wrong. An army jacket with a white shirt or army pants with a plain black shirt can always look good. Camouflage is back in style so rock it accordingly.

Adding Olive Green to your wardrobe is the smartest decision. This aesthetic look is easy to achieve. It gives a plain and simple yet clean visual to it. It looks great on any skin tone and you can never go wrong with it. Try it out yourself and you will love this earthly color on you. Hopefully, our guide helped you wear this color more confidently.

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