The camp collar shirt is a must-have because it’s versatile, like all the best things in menswear. You could wear it to a wedding in the summer and then to the beach the following weekend. This shirt has made a reappearance in men’s fashion. It first gained popularity in the 1950s under Cuban collar, revere collar, and vacation shirt. It was, nevertheless, shapeless clothing associated with obnoxious visitors like Chandler Bing in recent decades. The peculiar chill dude style gets created to be informal – there is no top button, no starched fold, and plenty of chest on display.

Camp Collar Shirt 50s

However, choosing something other than a standard collar is a subtle dandy-ish move, a deliberate peacock departure from the norm. The risk is well worth it. Most body types will look good in Cuban collar shirts. The collar lengthens your upper body, and the casual style holds prints and solid colors better than many other shirt styles.

Characteristics of a Camp Collar Shirt

Despite their many names, camp collar shirts all have the same distinguishing characteristics, the most prominent of which is a plush, double-notched, one-piece collar that is sewed directly to the shirt’s body. The collar can now rest flat against the shirt. Many feature neither a top button nor a loop closure.

Camp collar shirts are often boxy in cut, with a straight hem and short sleeves, making them light and breezy in the summer heat. Lightweight linen, silk, lyocell, cotton, viscose, or a combination are popular materials. Avoid polyester blends, which trap heat instead of keeping you cool as the shirt should.

Wearing the camp collar shirts

When it comes to camp collar shirts chill dude style, make sure you size up. It should have plenty of volumes to achieve the flowy, relaxed sensation. You risk looking like an out-of-style dad on a melancholy vacation if the shoulder sits too low.

Camp Collar Shirt

Experiment with prints, but a solid color is also a fantastic option, especially under a sports jacket. Because camp collar shirts are so fanciful, you can get away with flashy appearances if you play them well. Camp collar shirts get designed to be worn untucked, but you can tuck them in for a slightly different silhouette. You may wear them over a plain t-shirt, but a ribbed tank top with a gold chain below will give you heavy Italian mobster vibes.

Looks of Camp Collar

The Throwback

Combine a pair of loose-fitting linen trousers with a retro-inspired camp collar shirt, such as one with vertical stripes. Wear it with suede driving shoes or boat shoes if you don’t want to tuck it in.

The Weekend

Combine a camp collar shirt with jeans and a denim overshirt for a versatile casual style beyond jeans and a tee. You can experiment with various prints and colors because of the laid-back attitude and neutral backdrop. 

The South Pointe Pier

Wear a camp collar shirt with one or two additional buttons open for a chill dude style. Wear suede slides and slim-fitting shorts to balance off the volume on top.

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