As you may know, a patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of certain metals with age and makes them look like they’ve had their fair share of adventures. So, if you like things that age like fine wine, the Swiss handmade PATINA wallet is the right accessory for you. Its simplicity and uniqueness will definitely catch the eye of classy everyday carry lovers.

PATINA metal wallet
Credit: PATINA

The PATINA Metal Wallet – a bold concept and a unique design

Either Brass or Titanium, the PATINA wallet is made from a single metallic sheet. Its daring yet simple design adds a touch of class and elegance to a man’s EDC lineup. It also allows for intuitive grip and handling and sits perfectly in your hand. The wallet measures 3.3 by 2.5 by 0.6”. It looks sturdy and high-quality enough to withstand the test of time and the daily abuse of, well… being a wallet.

The design is so clever, that you won’t need to open the wallet in order to use it. Instead, it allows you to move banknotes through the loop chamber, and you can access the cards by running your thumb over them. It can hold up to six banknotes and 10 cards.

With age, the wallet will develop a unique hue that will tell the story of the life it’s had. You can also customize it with engravings of your choice.

PATINA metal wallet
Credit: PATINA

A resounding success

The PATINA Metal Wallet, available on Kickstarter for an introductory price of $86 for the Brass option and $97 for the Titanium, has already exceeded its funding target ($10,821). The project has drawn a lot of attention on the crowdfunding platform and raised as much as $18,483 to date.

Designers Pascal Eberle and Tim Hophan have come up with this innovative idea that has seduced 135 backers.


Both versions of this wallet are made from brass and Titanium, and their manufacturing process keeps waste at a minimum – bending instead of milling.

PATINA metal wallet.
Credit: PATINA

Created for men who want a statement accessory that will stand out and make for great ice-breakers, the PATINA metal wallet brings in a whole new aesthetic. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, a breath of fresh air from the generic look of a traditional wallet.

What are your thoughts on this unique concept?